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wrens favourite sites

train streams - watch live train station webcams. wrens favourite to draw along to.

settei dreams - archive of anime production materials.

sakugabooru - animation database. useful for study.

refuge.tokyo - excellent retro game database.

the asenheim project - useful way to play old visual novels.

/mhg/ repository - repository of mahjong materials

the doujin rpg database - similar to vndb but for doujin rpgs, VIPRPGs, miruge, HRPGs, etc.

shmuplations - repository of translated interviews with game developers from old japanese publications.

lain game - play lain PSX online

blogs and personal sites

lukajk - art blog

android arts - personal site of arne

kyu channel - kyu’s personal site

GAMERA - anita’s personal site

errormine - photography, gamedev, blog, bookclub

COL - art blog

もこっち314 - art blog

tofokyo - andrew’s art site

kinisis - kinisis personal blog